About the author

Alexey Masov-professor, Doctor of historical sciences. Head of the School of Oriental Studies, HSE, author of books on the history and culture of China, spiritual traditions and wushu. Specialist in the political development of modern Asia. Head of the Shaolins Martial Arts Federation

Alexey Maslov, Ph.D., Professor of East Asian Studies with the main focus on Chinese culture and modern socio-political development.
Head of the School of Asian Studies at HSE University (Russia)
I'm proud to be the follower of Shaolin martial arts and spiritual tradition

马斯洛夫 • 阿列克謝 (学习英语: Maslov Alexey)

俄罗斯汉学博士, 历史学家, 俄罗斯高等经济大学亚洲学学院主任 。他的主要研究对象是中国及其政治文化, 宗教传统, 经济史

俄罗斯少林武术联盟会主席 。