Here you can see some public lectures by Alexei Maslov

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Gorky Park. June 6, 2019. Lecture by Maslov A.A. "How China plans a new world, and what Russia sees it as."
07.06.2018 Post-Orientalism. Why I got so carried away with the East
Alexey Maslov "Traditional syncretism. Contemporary Thinking in China" 3 Jul. 2017
On the special spiritual space of China (31.08.2017)
Hieroglyph and magic: the magical origins of early Chinese characters (19.10.2017)
Many modern hieroglyphics of the Chinese language came out not only from the simplest pictograms and ideograms, but also from the oldest magic signs that were used for spells and communicating with the spiritual world
When the East comes to the West (15 Sep. 2014)
On the comparison of the socio-economic development of China and Europe (Lecture at the Museum of the East)
History and features of Confucianism
O Personal Journey from West to East and Back (Interview for First Education Channel, May 17, 2015)
Controversy about Confucius ("Academia")

Chan-Buddhism: Origins and Essence ("Academia")