Meditation on the simplest

Meditate on the most simple is the most difficult. At its simplest, you can not see the wisdom, just routine, which is already visible to everybody. You are looking for an unprecedented revelations “conversations with emptiness”, “meetings in the spiritual space”

Well, if that’s … let’s say a rope. Try not to realize how it is used, not the material from which it is made, and its very essence. Yes, yes, the inner essence of a piece of rope.

And is meditating on his own essence, we are not a substitute for reflection on his original arguments about the nature of his status, that worries me, what is my mission, I have to do and what bothers me? That is the void meditation is the contemplation of himself “nikakova” without status, experiences, emotions, and without a body at all.

So that it is easier to start with a meditation on the essence of ropes.

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